Computers not properly administered cause student complaints
Computers not properly administered cause student complaints
  • Oh Seo-jin
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Computers installed for student convenience are left unrepaired. Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
Computers provided for students’ convenience in campus buildings are not properly maintained. Malfunctioning computers which are left unrepaired have caused student complaints.
Students reported that they have witnessed a number of computers that fail to function properly. Currently, there are 139 computers in the hallways of campus buildings installed specifically for student convenience. As of Sept. 30, 44 of them, approximately 27 percent, were malfunctioning. Locations where computers are most frequently used, such as Hak-gwan, Student Union Building and Ewha-POSCO Building, are the most notable locations in which a large number of computers malfunctions.
The computers break down frequently, but they are not repaired soon enough. The delay has caused immense inconvenience.
“These computers are for urgent uses when students do not have enough time,” Bae Ju-young (Chinese, 4) said. “I have been frustrated at the sight of broken computers and those that are not turned on.”
As a considerable number of computers are left unrepaired, students who seek to use the computers experience difficulty and inconvenience.
“There are times when I have to rely on these computers, especially to check class materials online right before class,” Yang Ji-young (Social Science Education, 3) said. “Knowing that the computers are right outside my classroom, I once tried to check some class material in between classes but had to waste several minutes searching for a functioning computer.”
The computers in the hallways of campus buildings are installed to provide students the opportunities to carry out their tasks conveniently. As the computers effectively aid students in finishing their tasks, relieving time constraints and providing easy accessibility, many students utilize them right before, in between and after classes for various reasons.
However as many of them are broken and left unrepaired, the computers do not fulfill their fundamental purpose as effective devices for students’ convenience.
The Office of Information and Communication (OIC) manages computers in buildings such as Ewha-POSCO Building, Hak-gwan, Student Union Building and 22 other buildings.
“The computers are currently managed by a repairing company but since a large number of students use them, some get turned off or malfunction,” said an official at the OIC who wishes to remain anonymous.
The OIC responded that it will run a more thorough inspection.
“The repairing company inspects the computers daily,” the official said. “We will run a more thorough inspection additionally.”

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