Hanwoori Hall’s facilities undergo remodeling and relocation for students’ convenience
Hanwoori Hall’s facilities undergo remodeling and relocation for students’ convenience
  • Oh Seo-jin
  • 승인 2013.09.16 17:17
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The wooden door with manual door locks have been replaced with steel doors with digital doorlocks at the Hanwoori Hall. Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
Hanwoori Hall’s facilities, including the door locks, televisions, walls and office areas, were remodeled, repaired and relocated. The reconstruction that started on Aug. 15 was completed on Sept. 6. The most significant change was the replacement of manual door locks on wooden doors to digital door locks on steel doors. Steel, unlike wood, prevents fire from spreading. Also digital door locks enable students to easily enter their rooms without worrying about constantly having the key at hand. “The manual door lock system had been inconvenient for students as they had to consistently remind themselves to carry the keys all the time,” said Park Seo-young, an official at Hanwoori Hall. “Students have shown appreciation to the change as digital locks are more convenient.” Another prominent change was the newly arranged office area for the Residential College (RC) test operation. The Book Keeping Room and Residents Committee’s Office originally located on the first floor of Building A were relocated to Building A and B to provide room for RC officials. The two rooms are now used as the RC office and the conference room. “We have decided to provide space for the test operation that will be initiated this semester for 150 first-year students,” Park said. Other changes and constructions include television replacements in the Lounge on every floor to wall-mountable ones, regular ceiling repairs, basement painted in various colors, dehumidifiers provided for those whose rooms are located in the humid basement in Building B, and several new treadmills and exercising machines added in the Fitness Room. “I appreciate the remodeling as the facilities at the dormitory were upgraded for students’ convenience,” Kim Shin-ha (Liberal Arts, 1) said. These changes are made as continued efforts to provide convenience to students. The Self Pickup Service implementation, Internet Cafe & Library and Fitness Room remodeling had been completed in the spring semester of 2013. “We will continue to contemplate about student convenience and put efforts to provide a more convenient environment for the dormitory residents,” said Choi Gyoung-sil, Dormitory Director.

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