Priority Registration and Automatic Waiting List systems added to course registration
Priority Registration and Automatic Waiting List systems added to course registration
  • Ahn In-kyeong
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Starting this fall semester, the course registration method has been revised to include the newly made Priority Registration System and Automatic Waiting List System.
The Priority Registration System applies only to students majoring or double majoring in Business Administration, Economics and Psychology.
“The selected three majors are those that have the most demand for courses as many students choose to major or double major in them,” said an official from the Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs (OFAA) who wishes to remain anonymous. “To resolve the issue, we have temporarily implemented this new system.”
The system allows students to register for their major courses earlier than others. These students can register for a maximum of 12 credits on the Priority Registration day, which is one day ahead of the regular registration date.
Another change for the registration process is the Automatic Waiting List System, which was designed to provide a fair opportunity to all students logging into the course registration Web site by numbering the students as they log in to the Course Registration Web site.
“This is very helpful when an excessive number of students attempt to access the Web site simultaneously,” said an official from the Registrar. “Now the system automatically allows students to log-in in order, preventing the Web site from freezing.”
When students click the Log-in and Register buttons, a pop up box appears on screen, indicating the waiting number and the expected waiting time.
The system also prevents students from using unfair methods such as Macro when registering for classes.  Macro is a computer programming that commands computers to repetitively click and refresh a Web site.
Student opinions vary on the newly added systems.
“I was surprised to see the school adding this new system,” said Chun Kyu-yeon (Economics, 4) who has declared Business as her double major. “I was lucky to successfully register for 12 credits on the Priority Registration day.”
Some students displayed dissatisfaction, due to repeated failure in registering for desired courses.
“I could not really see the point of the new systems,” Ryu Min-ah (Business, 4) said. “However, I can say that I am less angry than before because the waiting list shows the result quite fairly.”
The OFAA plans to see how Priority Registration System works out and how students respond. They will then go over the review and decide whether to use the new process or not. Meanwhile, the Automatic Waiting List System will be permanently implemented.

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