Ewha homepage and mobile web renews
Ewha homepage and mobile web renews
  • Oh Seo-jin
  • 승인 2013.08.31 17:31
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Students browses through the newly changed Ewha homepage on their mobile phones. Photo by Kahng Sun-woo.
Ewha Womans University’s homepage was renewed on Aug. 26.
Ewha’s homepage renewal project, which started in August 2012, includes that of the university, graduate school, Office of the Chaplain, Office of Global Affairs, Office of University Relations & Development, Student Service Center, Ewha Welcome Center, Volunteer Services and Ewha Language Center.
“The homepage was renewed as an effort to share Ewha’s academic assets and enhance Ewha brand on-line,” an official at Communications said.
The Web site has a dual head, one titled “Ewha Home” and the other “Ewha Lounge.”
Ewha Home is dedicated to campus news, notices and events. They were created for the visitors’ convenience, to view the news list at a glance.
A section titled “Ewha in Media” was added to share news from the mass media. Individual college’s and office’s news and events are notified on the related content section. The search function was reinforced, enabling visitors to search Ewha’s academic assets such as research papers and office Web sites more easily.
Ewha Lounge is dedicated to the information on courses, special lectures and events. Its primary function is to provide various information and contents to the users accordingly. The most relevant contents for students, professors, staff members and ordinary visitors is placed foremost and other less relevant ones later. Various contents will be available in the fall semester, as a new program which provides a wide range of contents launches.
With the new program, the school aims to expand knowledge and valuable assets with iTunes U and YouTube Edu, thereby be the forerunner in establishing an ideal paradigm for other universities.
“Ewha Lounge will offer the most relevant information to students and professors,” the official said. “For example, students may be able to view course syllabi and other relevant materials as a video clip. In another aspect, the professors may be provided with the actual lecture videos from other sources. This service will be activated as the new content program launches in the fall semester of 2013.”
The Web sites will also be offered in two other languages, Chinese and Japanese, beside English for students’ convenience. The Web sites in foreign languages will offer selective news and events that may be helpful to international and exchange students. At least one article will be updated every week.
Ewha Web site application has also been revised for immediate updates to be viewed on phones. The Web site is no longer in an application form but in that of a mobile web.
“As certain phones go through a process to check virus upon receiving a new material, immediate updates were not possible for the users of certain phones to view,” the official said. “To ensure immediate updates and improve convenience, we have changed its form to one of mobile web.”

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