Students raise complaints on changes in grading distribution
Students raise complaints on changes in grading distribution
  • Lee Sang-ha
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With the start of the spring semester, Ewha Womans University announced revised school regulations on grade distribution –the designated percentage of A’s, B’s and C’s given.
According to Article 39 in Section 1 of the school regulations, the proportions of each grade allocated to students in courses have been modified.
The previous grade distribution policy, by which 20 to 35 percent of the students received A’s, has been adjusted to maximum 35 percent for A’s.
Previously, the total percentage of A’s and B’s accounted up to 75 percent, whereas the new policy permits a maximum of only 70 only percent, showing a 5 percent decrease. In terms of grades C or below, 30 percent or more will be allowed, whereas the original proportion was 25 percent to 55 percent. Thus, the possibility of students receiving C’s or below has increased for as much as 5 percent.
“The school revised the policy in accordance with the recommendation of the Ministry of Education to award 30 percent of students A’s and 40 percent B’s, with consideration for students’ benefit,” said an official who wishes to remain anonymous.
Some professors favor the new grading system.
“The school had no other choice but to make the modifications as there are a lot of students who receive high scores,” professor Mah Jae-shin (International Studies) said. “It makes sense to change the grading system to reward hardworking students. The number of students who receive A’s has been much inflated compared to the past.”
However, as the new policy restricts the total proportion of A’s and B’s, students’ complaints about the new policy are rising.
“Competition among students to earn a higher grade at Ewha has always been very tough,” Yoon Sae-yan (Education, 3) said. “Before implementing this policy, professors could assign 75 percent for A’s and B’s to the fullest extent. However, as the maximum proportions of students receiving A’s and B’s in total have decreased to 70 percent, the revised policy will lead to a more competitive environment.”
Even though the end of the semester is drawing near, many students are still not fully aware of the changes made to the grade distribution.
Insufficient notification from the school is considered the cause of such uninformed students.
“The alteration in grade distribution was officially announced when school policy Article 39 was revised,” the official said. “We informed professors about the changes in grade distribution at that time by sending official documents to each department’s administration office.”
Students, however, complain that the announcement was not effectively delivered.
“I did not know that the percentage of students who can receive A’s was recently lowered,” Kim Naock (French, 2) said. “I think that it would have been better if the school had asked for students’ opinions and announced the changes more clearly as students are sensitive about grades.”

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