Ewha holds Scholarship Certificate Presentation Ceremony
Ewha holds Scholarship Certificate Presentation Ceremony
  • Jang Ji-won
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President Kim Sun-uk presents a scholarship certificate to  scholarship recipient at the 2013 Scholarship Certificate Presentation Ceremony. Photo provided by Communications.
The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) held the 2013 Scholarship Certificate Presentation Ceremony for academically excelling students on May 6 at the LG Convention Hall in the International Education Building. The event was held for the first time to encourage students with outstanding performances.
The ceremony consisted of a presentation of the certificates, a congratulatory speech by Ewha president Kim Sun-uk, followed by a small feast.
Participants included university chaplain Yang Myung-su (Christian Studies), vice president of the OSA Shin Ha-yoon (Chinese), vice president of the Office of Admissions Kim Jung-sun (Sociology), the dean, associate dean and department chair from each college, and the scholarship recipients. The purpose of this newly established presentation ceremony was to boost scholarship students’ confidence.
“I was discouraged by the results from my midterm exams,” Baek Ji-young (Open Major, 1) said. “However, president Kim’s speech regarding big expectations for the students motivated me to study harder. I hope to be selected as the ceremony participant again next year.”
The ceremony encouraged both freshmen and enrolled students.
“I was able to gather up my mind better,” Shin Hye-bin (English, 2) said. “I was a little overwhelmed due to my busy club activities and new major courses. Taking part in the event helped me muster my strength, and stimulated me to work and study harder.”
Ewha is currently making efforts to improve its support in scholarships for students. Ewha plans to increase the total amount of scholarship up to 209.6 billion won by 2015 and organize an additional fund of 6 billion won from the annual management profit. According to the OSA, an extra increase of approximately 50 billion to 60 billion won of scholarship will be organized by raising 1 billion won of scholarship per year.
The OSA will continuously try to work for the betterment of students’ welfare.
“There are no definite plans for the future yet,” said an official from the OSA who wishes to remain anonymous. “Currently, we are working on devising better ways to provide students with good scholarship programs.”

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