Ewha Donor’s Wall to tribute donors unveils in ECC
Ewha Donor’s Wall to tribute donors unveils in ECC
  • Oh Seo-jin
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President Kim Sun-uk expresses gratitude to all 18,733 donors during the Ewha Donor's Wall unveiling ceremony. Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
An opening ceremony for Ewha Donor’s Wall was held at the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC) on May 9. The wall was constructed to express gratification for those who have donated to Ewha in the forms of scholarships and improvement funds.
Ewha Donor’s Wall was constructed as one of the events for Ewha’s 127th anniversary in order to pay a greater tribute as well as gratitude toward the donors. By including not only the donors who donated large sums but also “Sunbae Ramen” participants, the relatively smaller sum donors, the wall reflects Ewha’s spirit that values every contribution regardless of its amount.
Ewha Donor’s Wall consists of two walls: Digital Wall and Analogue Wall.
On the Digital Wall, all 18,733 donors’ names and Ewha’s vision to become a hub for women leaders are included. Through the touch screen, visitors can search Ewha’s donation history, list of donors and donor interviews. Other functions such as Webcam Art Wall that shows the figure of a person in front of the screen to symbolize inclusiveness is also included.
On the Analogue Wall, 221 large sum donors’ names were inscribed on wooden blocks, each name glowing with light.
Five hundred more blocks for the future donors are prepared. Donation on the spot by pressing a button is also enabled.
Two hundred people including Ewha president Kim Sun-uk, the former presidents Lee Bae-yong and Yoon Hoo-jung, and Chairperson of Ewha Hakdang Chang Myong-sue attended the ceremony.
“Ewha which started with one student in 1886 has now become the most prominent women’s university in the world with 2.5 million students, 66 majors, 11 colleges, 15 graduate schools, 1600 staff members and more than 20 million alumni with the love, devotion and prayers from numerous supporters,” president Kim Sun-uk said. “Ewha, which has the longest donation history, will continue its traditions. It is a pleasure to have an exclusive space for the donors, and I am grateful toward every donor.”
After an explanation on Ewha Donor’s Wall, another event titled “Fundraising Event for Global Hub for Women’s Education Fund” was held at the Lee San-bong Hall in the ECC. President Kim presented future plans for the Ewha Residential College as well as other projects for Ewha’s ultimate vision as a hub for women leadership.

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