Ewha Welcome Center prepares for opening
Ewha Welcome Center prepares for opening
  • Hur Jin
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Ewha Welcome Center, located near the Main Gate, will open on May 31 to effectively manage tourists visiting the campus and systematically introduce the history and traditions of Ewha.
Ewha Welcome Center will be the first public relations display exhibition hall operated by a university in Korea.
“We wanted to increase our campus value to diverse people who visit Ewha,” said Choi Jung-in, an official in Communications. “Moreover, the Welcome Center will operate as a collaborative system that introduces the competence of Ewha.”
With over 300 to 500 tourists from the Great China Region visiting the campus during weekdays and weekends respectively, Ewha planned to open a display exhibition hall to actively manage the visitors.
“Ewha Welcome Center will guide visitors to the proper way of touring campus by providing information on the limited areas they can visit, so that they acknowledge visiting Ewha means visiting a world famous women’s university,” Choi said.
Ewha Welcome Center will be composed of nine sectors: Information Desk, Ewha Spirit, History Wall, Ewha Now, Ewha Power, Ewha People, Ewha Video, Photo Zone and Souvenir Shop.
“Photo Zones will be open to all visitors so that they can take pictures and also leave short messages of their experience at Ewha,” Choi said. “Visitors can also buy gifts related to Ewha and take memories of our school.”
The Ewha Spirit sector will introduce the name, motto and symbol of Ewha in the front part of the exhibition.
History Wall will explain the history of Ewha through video monitor, wall exhibition and pictures.
Ewha Now will be placed on the left side of the History Wall, showing the present and the future of Ewha by using graphs and figures.
Ewha Power will present diverse programs in the undergraduate, graduate, global level and research part of Ewha.
Ewha People will introduce not only the presidents of Ewha but also prominent Ewha members who achieved the title of “first woman” in society. Famous global leaders that have visited Ewha will also be included in this section.
Ewha Video will display the four seasons’ scenes of Ewha campus with Ewha Womans University promotion and history video playing on a wide screen.
Students look forward to the opening of Ewha Welcome Center.
“Although Ewha Welcome Center is not open and the effectiveness has not been proven yet, I agree with its purpose of reducing the inconveniences of the students,” Kim Ji-hyun (International Office Administration, 3) said.

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