Ewha turns to small courses to improve course quality 1
Ewha turns to small courses to improve course quality 1
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Course Size at Ewha for Spring 2013.
As universities are trying to elevate the quality of their courses, the number of small-sized courses has been increasing while the number of medium and large-sized courses decreasing for the past three years. According to the Ministry of Education, the total number of courses for the first semester of 2013 has increased 1.8 percent, compared to 2012, rising from 288,294 to 293,342. The small-sized class, with student capacity below 20 has increased 1.7 percent, from 35.9 percent to 37.6 percent; medium-sized courses with student capacity between 21 and 50 have decreased 0.5 percent, from 46.1 percent to 45.6 percent; and large-sized courses with student capacity of over 51 have decreased 1.2 percent, from 18 percent to 16.8 percent. In this issue, the Ewha Voice will analyze Ewha’s efforts to improve the quality of classes in depth.


* Reporters: Ahn In-kyeong and Oh Seo-jin

* E-mails: iahn@ewhain.netseojinoh@ewhain.net

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