Study at Rutgers University
Study at Rutgers University
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Rutgers University is the state university of New Jersey. Photo provided by Arlen Wilson.
Rutgers University is composed of three campuses; Newark, New Brunswick, and Camden. They spread out from the north to the south of the state New Jersey located in the United States.
The particular school that I attended, while in the United States, is Rutgers in New Brunswick. Rutgers here is made up of a total of five campuses: Cook, Douglass, Busch, College Ave, and Livingston and each comes with their own set of “personalities” and stereotypes. Douglass is the all woman’s campus and therefore has the stereotype of “feminists”. However, not all the women there are feminists. Cook is the campus for agriculture, Busch is the science and engineering campus, also known as the “Asian” campus, College Ave is known as the “party campus,” while finally Livingston is known as the “Freshmen” campus.
What I like about these different campuses is that each campus has its own atmosphere. You can choose different campuses depending on your taste. So if you want some quiet time I would recommend going to Cook or Douglass. If you want some party life, I would say you should go to College Ave on the weekends. If you want something modern I would definitely recommend Livingston as it has been adding on new additions to this campus almost every year since the  Fall Semester of 2011.
 I chose Rutgers because of its reputation of diversity. With over 30,000 undergraduates Rutgers, alumni in all 50 states, and students coming from over 125 countries, Rutgers is known as number one for the most diverse university in the United States. To be specific, the Rutgers located in Newark, New Jersey. Because my high school lacked diversity, I wanted to find a college that would make up for this. Rutgers was my answer. Also, with over 400 student clubs and activities, there is something for everyone. I was fortunate enough to find out about “Loving Christ,” the Korean Christian choir and I plan on reuniting with my Korean friends when I go back next semester and telling them all about my experience here at Ewha Womans University, maybe even in Korean.
I have loved my experience at both Rutgers and Ewha. Therefore, I would recommend that if anyone reading this ever has a chance to study abroad, please do try. It is an experience that will change you into a well- rounded person. I know this experience has definitely been worth every moment for me.

*Arlen Wilson is currently studying at Ewha as an exchange student.

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