Ewha holds Seoul Women Job Fair for female students
Ewha holds Seoul Women Job Fair for female students
  • Mun Mi-kyung
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Five mentors - Lee Yoon-joo, Joo Min-jung, Kang Byung-young, Sohn Hyun-joo and Park Myung-ha - give a talk concert to students. Photo taken by Chung Yun-jo.
Ewha and Seoul Metropolitan Government co-sponsored the 2013 Seoul Women Job Fair, which was held at the multi-purpose hall and the Lee San-bong Hall in the Ewha Campus Complex on May 3. The fair was organized to help female university students, single household females and female youth find jobs in the time of rising unemployment rate.
“The job fair first started in 2004 and the theme changes every year,” said Choi Hye-won, an official at the Career Development Center. “This year, it targeted female students, which is why we thought it was suitable for Ewha to sponsor it.”
The job fair consisted of programs such as lectures on unique job fields, a panel discussion and various booths where students could experience working in the job field and learn about establishing businesses. On the first day, Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon visited the fair and gave a special lecture.
Mayor Park introduced unique job fields that students might not have been familiar with, but may be interested in.
“Do not just follow the path decided for you by your parents,” mayor Park said. “Find your passion and what you really want to do. The path that not many people choose often leads to a bigger success.”
In addition to the special lecture by mayor Park, a talk concert on finding jobs was held by five mentors who have built successful careers in their fields. They explained to students how they were able to become successful in their careers and gave advice on what students should prepare when finding jobs.
The fair was arranged so that students could actively participate in the programs. In the theme zone, students could freely walk around booths and visit the ones they were interested in.
A total of 50 booths were set up, including those introducing unique fields of jobs. New forms of jobs students may have been unfamiliar with included a tea sommelier who brews specific tea according to people’s taste, namist who specializes in naming advertisements and firms and diet programmers. In the booths, students gained deeper knowledge on how to enter the field and what they should expect before entering. Students could also experience different types of jobs firsthand at 15 booths.
There were also booths that were focused more on the entertainment side. Students could see their future careers’ fortune by having their tarot cards read. Popular booths included interview make-up booths and booths that took interview photographs.
Many students who participated in the job fair expressed their gratitude for the experience to know more about different career fields and learn about what to prepare to become successful in their future careers.
“It was a really meaningful experience because I could see diverse fields of jobs in one place,” Kim Jin-sun (International Studies, 1) said. “It was academic and entertaining at the same time.”
Ewha hopes to provide students with more useful opportunities which can help and guide them step into society.
“Ewha will hold these kinds of fairs in the future if the main theme of the fair correlates with what Ewha strives for its students,” Choi said.


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