Ewha features diverse events celebrating its 127th anniversary
Ewha features diverse events celebrating its 127th anniversary
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Events held in celebration of Ewha's 127th anniversary.

Ewha will hold the 127th Anniversary Ceremony of Ewha in the Welch-Ryang Auditorium on May 31. The Academic Reward, the Official Commendations and the Proud Ewha Fellow Award will be awarded to honorable Ewha members at the ceremony. Various departments and institutions of Ewha have planned events to commemorate the anniversary.
The Department of Health Education & Management started off the string of events prior to the other events through its soccer tournament under the theme of “Bringing Ewhains Together” on April 25. The games will continue until May 20. In addition to the soccer tournament, the department will also hold the 127th Founding Anniversary Swimming Contest on May 30 and 31.
The Department of Educational Technology and the Department of Dance hosted their 50th Anniversary Ceremony at the Lee San-Bong Hall in the Ewha Campus Complex on May 4 and 10, respectively. The Division of Architecture hosted the annual Ewha Field Trip to Gyeongbokgung on May 4.
The Ewha Womans University Museum plans to commemorate the anniversary with an exhibition titled “Wind as Motif in Art” from May 10 to July 31. Ewha Archives will also open an exhibition under the theme of “Lulu E. Frey – Pioneer in Higher Education for Korean Women” on May 20.
The 45th Student Government Association, Woori Ewha, will hold this year’s Daedong Festival from May 22 to 24 under the theme of “Mosaic.” The theme signifies that each and every Ewha student is responsible in making the festival, just as a mosaic is formed by the clusters of small dots.
The Ewha Womans University Library will also hold an event titled “Meeting Jane Austen in Ewha Womans University Library” to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of “Pride and Prejudice.” The publication ceremony is to be held at the first floor lounge from May 27 to 30 and is open to all Ewha members with no prior registration needed.
“The library has been hosting special exhibitions and events covering specific books or famous authors since last year,” said Lee In-young, the official of Ewha Womans University Library managing the Jane Austen event. “We planned this event as Jane Austen is a widely-known female writer whose themes are in accordance with women.”
The event will comprise of a film screening and an exhibition of Austen’s books. Assessments of her works and lectures will also be included.

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