Ewha, cradle of women education in Third World 4
Ewha, cradle of women education in Third World 4
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Ewha cultivates Third World female activists through EGEP

Although two weeks might seem like a short period of time, when it comes to EGEP, it can be a turning point in one’s life.
EGEP is the first attempt in Korea  to educate women activists in Asia and Africa regions to become talented workers in NGOs or public interest sectors. Participants of EGEP engage in forums, lectures, workshops and city tours of Korean NGOs. Prominent professors from around the world have been invited to give special lectures.
“EGEP holds its significance in that it has pioneered and expanded the paradigm of women’s education,” said professor for special appointment Lee Myoung-sun, the program coordinator of EGEP. “Most participants said they were able to gain confidence as women activists and reconsider leadership as feminists through EGEP.”
Phuong Hao Phan, one of the participants of the third season of EGEP, said it was very meaningful to discuss women’s rights issue on a global scale. She was very impressed by the other participants who were enthusiastically devoting themselves to the improvement of women in their own countries.
EGEP further seeks to increase opportunities for women.
“From the fourth season of EGEP, the extent of its targeting regions has been magnified from Asia to Afrcia,”  Lee said. “We also diversified the cooperation with UN Women and will further try to expand the regions to South America.”
The fourth season of EGEP will be held from July 3 to 16 this year with 250 applicants.

Reporters: Chung Che-yoon & Lee Sang-ha

Emails: thfl353@ewhain.net, banilab5748@ewhain.net

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