Ewha, cradle of women education in Third World 2
Ewha, cradle of women education in Third World 2
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Ewha stresses global women education through EGPP

EGPP aims to educate students from developing countries and to guide them into the path of becoming professional future global leaders. EGPP is a degree program, which provides full scholarships to the students including tuition and living expenses. The program now has a total of 154 students from 34 countries. Sixty-six graduates have benefited from EGPP.
“EGPP is one of the most flexible programs for international students that provide all the things needed to allow us to focus solely on our studies,” Bayarmaa Khurtsgerel (Political Science & International Relations, 4) said. “It can be difficult for us to live as foreigners in Korea, but EGPP coordinators help us in everyway to make it easy and adaptable.”
The graduates of EGPP also developed successful careers in various fields in society. For example, some are currently working in Mongolian National Broadcaster and big enterprises such as Samsung Electronics and CJ O Shopping.
“I was motivated by receiving the EGPP Scholarship because before, I thought it was too late to start studying abroad,” Wahida Shumi (’06, Environmental Science & Engineering) said. “My dreams could be realized and I am proud to have been an EGPP recipient even now back in my home country working as a professor.”
Another successful graduate is Nguyen Thanh Cam (’10, Advertising & Public relations), who came from Vietnam and is now working in the marketing department in Samsung Electronics. Her various experiences including volunteering, internship and part-time jobs that she earned through EGPP led her to successful career.
EGPP students take pride in themselves for studying at one of the prestigious universities.
“I had always dreamed of studying  at Ewha since it is one of the top women’s universities in the world,” said Shakhanova Nurassyl (Business, Graduate School), the representative for EGPP freshmen in 2012. “EGPP was beyond my expectation, and I am very grateful that I can now provide a more decent life for my family who is very proud of me. I would like to share my knowledge that I learned in Ewha with women in my home county, Kazakhstan.”
EGPP further plans to enlarge the chances for Third World females to receive high-quality education.

Reporters: Chung Che-yoon & Lee Sang-ha

Emails: thfl353@ewhain.net, banilab5748@ewhain.net

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