SGA claims student welfare improvement through Ewha Crescendo
SGA claims student welfare improvement through Ewha Crescendo
  • Chung Che-yoon
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The booth of Ewha Crescendo. Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
The 45th Student Government Association (SGA), Woori Ewha, organized a signature-seeking campaign named “Ewha Crescendo” in order to improve student welfare from March 27 to April 10.
The goal of “Ewha Crescendo” was to deliver Five Main Proposals to the school and urge for change. The Five Main Proposals include: tuition, welfare, education, scholarship and student space. 
Since the Five Main Proposals had been formed based on the survey conducted on 2,000 Ewha students, “Ewha Crescendo” originally aimed to receive more than 3,000 signatures of students throughout the campaign. The number exceeded the goal on April 3, leading the SGA to raise the goal up to 5,000.
“Because the word ‘woori’ means together in Korean, we thought it would be meaningful if Ewha students actually participated,” said Bong Woo-ri (Dance, 4), the president of the SGA. “Also, we named the campaign ‘crescendo’ hoping that students’ voices can gradually become loud enough to bring actual changes.”
 On the first day of the campaign, the SGA organized a photo exhibition under the theme of “Lacking student space at school” in front of the Ewha-POSCO Building. The SGA held more events based on the Five Main Proposals to advertise “Ewha Crescendo” and gain participants, including performances that symbolize student welfare issues. Students welcomed the SGA’s effort to fulfill its promises.
“I appreciate the SGA’s active move to improve student welfare,” Kim Bo-min (Psychology, 2) said. “I think organizing movement based on students’ opinions makes the campaign much more meaningful, compared to the other signature-seeking campaigns that had taken place before.”
However, some expressed concerns toward the effectiveness of the movement.
“Even though I signed up for the SGA during my class, I am still worried about what actual changes it could bring to the school,” Park So-jeong (Media Studies, 1) said. “I hope students’ signatures are enough to make the SGA’s goal be achieved.”
The SGA received signatures for “Ewha Crescendo” by advertising the campaign before classes started. Also, the SGA members distributed pamphlets in front of the Main Gate in the morning and evening to encourage participation.Students were able to sign via text message as well, sending their names and majors to the SGA’s official cell phone number.
The SGA delivered the results to the school in front of Pfeiffer Hall on April 11, with a total of 5,119 signatures demanding for the implementation of the Five Main Proposals.
“We will try our best to improve students’ lives at Ewha through various events in the future,” Bong said. “‘Ewha Crescendo’ is just the beginning, and the SGA will put more effort on approaching students through friendlier methods.”

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