Communal enterprise, Beloit
Communal enterprise, Beloit
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Above is the Middle College building in Beloit College, Wisconsin. Photo provided by Krista Nelson.
In between the great cities of Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison, a small liberal arts college called Beloit College welcomes students from across the globe. It was founded in 1846 and is Wisconsin’s first college. Beloit, the town the college is named after, is a small city of 37,000 residents, and soon becomes familiar and welcoming to students. It offers a small town atmosphere, while also offering the opportunities of big cities with its easy access to Chicago and Madison. The Rock River and various Indian Mounds on campus make the campus and city a beautiful and interesting place to explore and bring the beauty of nature into our daily lives. Beloit College is well-known especially for its Anthropology program, but also offers majors in a wide variety of liberal arts, sciences, arts, law and medicine. The Wright Museum of Art and the Logan Museum of Anthropology are also located on campus and are valuable both to students and visitors from outside of campus. For example, many students of anthropology, which is the study of human culture, have the chance to study and work with genuine artifacts in the Logan Anthropology Museum, such as arrowheads, baskets, skulls and fossils. Art students may also have their art featured in the Wright Museum, and Museum Studies majors can create their own exhibits in either museum. Beloit College enrolls about 1,400 students every year, from 48 states and 40 foreign countries. This small campus size allows students and professors to interact and get to know each other better than they would on a larger campus. Class sizes are usually around 15 students, and professors are always willing to help out students and may often collaborate in research or special projects. Beloit offers over 100 student clubs and organizations, as well as 19 varsity sports for men and women, more intramural and sports clubs. Beloit College was featured as one of the 40 Colleges that Change Lives, in the college educational guide by the New York Times educational editor Loren Pope. Pope defines a college that changes lives as one that has a familial sense of communal enterprise that gets students heavily involved in cooperative rather than competitive learning, a faculty of scholars devoted to helping young people develop their powers, and mentors who often become their valued friends. Beloit is also in America’s Science 50, International 50 and Business 50 Consortia. Thus, Beloit prepares its students to be the world leaders while also fostering a sense of community and independence. *Krista Nelson is currently studying at Ewha as an exchange student.

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