Sense of Hogwarts at CUHK
Sense of Hogwarts at CUHK
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Seniors of CUHK celebrate their graduation by taking a graduation picture. Photo provided by So Ka-yan.

A beautiful university, Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), is built on a hillside overlooking the panoramic views of the Tolo Harbour. This green campus is especially perfect for bird and botany tours and long leisurely walks.
The most special factor in CUHK is its unique college system. Just as Hogwarts has four houses, each freshman will be assigned to a college at their admission. Originally, there were only four traditional colleges: Chung Chi (CC), New Asia (NA), United College (UC) and Shaw College (SC). However, five more new and small colleges have been set up to balance the increasing number of students.
Different colleges have distinctive histories, backgrounds, regions, locations in school, cultures and activities. NA holds much Chinese element, while CC is Christianity-based with the church.
There are activities and festivals in these colleges, such as intra and inter-college sport competition, club and society, social service group or others. During the university foundation anniversary, many celebrations like Night Fun Fair and Happy Run are held. The most exciting is Thousand People Dinner which the college students, staff and alumni gather outdoors within their college region to have Chinese Big Bowl Feast.
Every Friday from late February to April, each college holds the graduation photo day. Besides the ceremony after graduation, it is the CUHK tradition that the final year students take photo with their gowns before graduation. One reason is that the campus with the blossom flowers under shiny sunlight is so graceful. It is a happy day that final year students will take individual or group photos with their classmates, friends and professors.
Another tradition is demonstration of beat, so called “dem beat.” It is not only a cheering slogan, but also a promotion method. During orientation camp, competition, college or department event or society promotion period, many vulgar poems are created. They can be informative or entertaining.
CUHK is definitely an energetic and active university. With wonderful campus environment and rich activities, students develop all-roundly and gain their own special university lives.

*So Ka-yan is currently studying at Ewha as an exchange student.

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