Ewha Womans University Library introduces Endnote
Ewha Womans University Library introduces Endnote
  • Lee, Min-jeong
  • 승인 2013.03.14 20:08
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Endnote provides tools for creating bibliographies when writing a paper.

Ewha Womans University Library newly introduced Endnote, a software tool for publishing and managing bibliographies, citations and references, on Feb. 26. The new tool enables library users to easily edit and create their essays or articles.
Endnote is one of the most representative reference programs that mainly targets undergraduate and graduate students, as well as researchers.
The program can be used after installing it on Windows or Macintosh personal computers. The software’s main function provides bibliographic information management and textual or figure management for references.
Moreover, Endnote is compatible to Microsoft Word, and automatically creates bibliographies through the “Cite While You Write” function.
“In response to demand from various majors students for Endnote, we started the service to support better research and learning environment for Ewha members,” said Kim Su-hyun, an official at the Ewha Womans University Library’s reference room. “The program can effectively help manage the bibliographies and lighten the burden of creating the references.”
To download Endnote, users should first log in to the Ewha Womans University Library Web site. Then by clicking on the Electronic Resources tab and accessing to the Databases & Cross Search, users can select and install the file that matches their operating system.
Education on using Endnote is planned to be provided in the upcoming fall semester.
Answers to any questions on the service can be received from the library’s reference room by calling (02) 3277-3144 or sending an e-mail (ksan@ewha.ac.kr).

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