Ewha sends lectures on iTunes U
Ewha sends lectures on iTunes U
  • Oh Seo-jin
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Ewha is sharing selected lectures and education contents with the worldly audience through Apple’s iTunes U, currently the largest education content provider. Starting its service on Feb. 25, Ewha is the first university in Korea to provide lectures through iTunes U.
The service is a part of Ewha’s efforts to accomplish the “Virtual Ewha” project in which the school aims to expand its education capacity by sharing its intellectual assets with the world.
Eight courses that include 132 lectures covering a semester’s worth of content on Korean studies, women’s studies, humanities, social science, natural science, and art are provided. Twenty-four special lectures including one on Global Online Campus and Ewha Academy for Advanced Studies as well as supplement materials such as videos, data, and other relevant links are also offered.
“Ewha, with a vision to become the hub of education for women, is putting its best efforts to provide outstanding lectures and supplement materials to the world,” said Jo Il-hyun, the director of the Institute for Teaching & Learning.
With the initiation of the service, Ewha now stands as the only university to provide lectures both through iTunes U and its brand site on YouTube EDU. Meanwhile, Korea University and University of Ulsan will also provide lectures through iTunes U.

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