Ewha rises as threshold of Korean studies 4
Ewha rises as threshold of Korean studies 4
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Ewha-KF Global E-School aims to become hub of Korean studies

As the Ewha-KF Global E-School has now entered its third year, the Korean Foundation (KF) and Ewha intend to significantly enlarge the number of courses, recipient universities, and countries to meet the increasing demand for Korean studies lecture even more.
“In 2013, Ewha plans to transmit Korean studies lectures to 12 universities in seven countries through the E-School,” said an official of the Ewha-KF Global E-School, who wishes to remain anonymous.
In addition, E-School will provide even more quality lectures from which students abroad can learn about and feel Korea as if they were studying in Korea.
Until 2012, E-School transmitted lecture to universities in three countries. For year 2013, lectures will be transmitted to 12 universities in seven different countries including Turkey, Arab Emirites, Germany and Australia. The receipient universities include Western Australia Universtiy and Frankfurt University.
Two new courses will be added as well. The newly added courses on Korean studies are Pop Goes Korea: Korean Media & Culture and Korean Culture.
Not only expanding the project’s scale, the Ewha-KF Global E-School also focuses on reflecting students’ feedback and improving the quality of lectures in order to bring more convenience students all around the world.
“I was really interested in Korea, but it is kind of hard to attend lectures on Korea in my university,” Tresson Natta (Chulalongkorn University, 3) said. “It is an honor to be selected to attend class here.”

* Reporters: Moon Bo-ra, Ahn In-kyeong

* Emails: boramoon@ewhain.net, iahn@ewhain.net

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