Liberal arts course system for 2013 revised
Liberal arts course system for 2013 revised
  • Chung Che-yoon
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Ewha has revised the liberal arts courses starting with the spring semester of 2013.
According to the Center for General Education (CGE), the change is aimed to foster creative and competitive future female leaders who reflect Ewha’s vision.
For core courses, the number of subject areas has decreased and been revised. Core courses were previously divided into seven categories: History and Culture, Science and Technologies, Thinking and Communication, Understanding Human Beings, Understanding the Arts, Understanding Society, and Understanding the World and Nature. However, starting this semester, students will select their core course classes within five new categories: Humans and Society, Expression and Art, Literature and Language, History and Philosophy, and Science and Technology.
Additionally, core courses were previously categorized into subject areas only, but starting this semester, they are also combined with five additional categories other than subject areas. Those five categories include: Global Leadership Capacity, Integrated Investigative Spirit Capacity, Scientific and Ecological Thinking Capacity, Humanities-Based Insight Capacity, and Artistic Creativity Capacity.
Students who enter Ewha in 2013 must consider not only the existing subject areas but also the five newly added capacities to complete the required core courses. They must fulfill requirements in five subject areas with five different capacities.
There have been additional changes in general requirements as well. Two new classes, Share Leadership along with Reading Classics and Writing, were added.
In addition, the titles of the second-language classes and the requirements for taking them have also been changed. Previously, the two classes were titled “Beginning” and “Intermediate,” but starting in 2013, they are “First” and “Second,” respectively. Students entering in 2013 must take both the “First” and “Second” classes, whereas the requirement was for only one before. The credits approved for each of the two classes have been changed as well, from three to two.
The CGE expects students to learn subjects in a more systematized manner and therefore receive a more advanced level of education through the change.
“We believe that the changes will benefit Ewha freshmen by helping them learn competitiveness and creativity,” a CGE official said.

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