Student Service Center launches Student ID Check Card
Student Service Center launches Student ID Check Card
  • Hur Jin
  • 승인 2013.03.04 15:51
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Ewha announced it would equip student ID cards with a check card function in February to answer student requests. The ID card also functions as a public transportation card, more widely known as “T-money.”
The Student Service Center (SSC) received registrations for the new student ID cards for undergraduate freshmen, transfer students, and graduate freshmen from Feb. 12 to 22. Those students will be able to collect their ID cards in March.
“We have had constant requests from the Student Government Association and enrolled students for a Student ID Check Card,” said Lee So-ra, the SSC staff member in charge of the new system. “We monitored other universities and student opinions, and realized the demand for a new student ID card is very high.”
Freshmen who missed out on the registration period will be able to apply for new ID cards in early March. Previously enrolled students will also be able to register for the new student ID cards during the same month. All school-related bank transactions, such as scholarship and tuition payments, will be transferred using this registered bank account.
“We hope by integrating the identification and banking system, it will alleviate the discomfort caused by multiple cards and be of great convenience to students,” Lee said.
Students welcomed the additional function of their student ID cards, but some also had doubts.
“I think the check card function would be quite a convenient one for freshmen as they need a check card when starting their university years,” Cho Hye-lin (International Office Administration, 3) said. “However, for enrolled students like me, the change seems unnecessary since we are already benefiting from our current check card dealings.”
Enrolled students had further comments on the upgraded student ID cards.
“The all-in-one system sounds terrific, but imagining that I have to reveal my personal information to a cashier every time I pay seems a bit embarrassing,” Lee Bo-ram (French, 2) said.

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