Ewha students vote on most significant campus news of 2012 5
Ewha students vote on most significant campus news of 2012 5
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Minor repairs and refurbishments take place at Hak-gwan

Illustration by Jeong Hyeon-joo

With 39 responses, students selected minor repairs of Hak-gwan as one of most significant events on campus this year.
To temporarily improve the environment for students and faculty, Hak-gwan has been renewed with minor repairs. The entire building has undergone refurbishments including the replacement of bathroom lights and dividers, installation of closet-seat toilets in place of old-style toilets, new flooring, removal of curtains and installation of window shades, repair of broken windows, and painting of both outer and inner walls.
“With the renewal of the bathroom, it seems cleaner and more hygienic for us to use,” Woo Ye-ree (Liberal Arts, 1) said. “The sofas also allow for more space to rest.”
Minor repairs have been made in place of the reconstruction of Hak-gwan, which was postponed for an indefinite period. The date is yet to be confirmed.

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