Ewha students vote on most significant campus news of 2012 3
Ewha students vote on most significant campus news of 2012 3
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Leftover credits of spring semester become accumulated

Illustration by Jeong Hyeon-joo

At the beginning of this year, students were introduced to a new system where leftover credits could be saved and then used during the next semester: Only two of the three leftover credits are eligible for usage and will expire when they are not taken in the following semester.
As using leftover credits was what the SGA and students have long wanted, this system was welcomed at first.
However, complaints steadily rose on the flaws of the system such as the limited time and credit restrictions, and also on the fact that the school made no negotiation with the students in the process of adopting the new system.
Eighty-seven students responded that the leftover credit system was the third most significant issue of this year.
“This is important as much as it is directly related to students’ studies,” Jang Young-shin (Public Administration, 4) said.

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