Enjoy studying abroad through ISEP
Enjoy studying abroad through ISEP
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Yoo Young-ran participates in a candle lighting event in memory of the victims from the Virginia Tech gun shooting of 2007. Photo provided by Yoo Young-ran.

I am sure there are a lot of students who are wondering if it would be better to go abroad by choosing the International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP) instead of the other general study abroad programs. Personally, I would strongly recommend applying for the ISEP without any hesitation.
The ISEP will be the best way to go abroad to study and have a memorable experience in one’s life. Those who especially hope to go abroad to study but have financial burden should consider this program. This program always guarantees housing and sufficient meal plans at a reasonable price.
When I had to choose a university among the ISEP-United States members, it was tough. I spent the entire weekend searching and visiting each Web site of the universities.
At that time, I hoped to go to the Eastern part of the United States, where not many Koreans reside, primarily to improve my English language skills. This is why I chose Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University located in Blacksburg, Virginia.
When I received the acceptance letter from Virginia Tech, I was concerned a bit about the firearm accident, which occured in 2007. I thought that people in the area could possibly have a negative image of Korean people.
Despite my concern, people in Blacksburg were incredibly kind to every student, always saying hello with a smile on their face.
One of the events I will never forget is the memorial service for the 2007 firearm incident. All the students gathered at the ground with candles and commemorated the passing of the victims. It left a great impression on me.
In Virginia Tech, I took four classes during the semester. While taking the classes, I realized that  American students took classes with a somewhat different attitude from that of Korean students. In my eyes, they looked more comfortable in class and preferred discussion-based lectures.
After all, it was a great opportunity to study with American as well as other international students who have different cultural backgrounds.

* Yoo Young-ran (Nutritional Science & Food Management, 4) studied at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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