Ewha enlightens talents of people with autism through exhibition
Ewha enlightens talents of people with autism through exhibition
  • Moon Bo-ra
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The exhibition of designs made by people with autism was held from Nov. 30 to Dec. 4 at the Ewha Campus Complex Theater. Photo by Kahng Sun-woo.

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in Ewha, one of the Ewha Global Top 5 Projects, and the Special Education Research Institute co-hosted an exhibition of products designed by people with autism under the theme of “Through lines, through colors with love,” from Nov. 30 to Dec. 4 at the Ewha Campus Complex Theater.
Products designed by people with autism were put on display and sold at the site. The exhibition consisted of four sections: Exhibition of everyday products such as sticky notes and mugs, customized products, and furnitures and designs which won the first and second Design Contests held previously. The funds raised from the sale will be used in providing more opportunities for rehabilitation of autistic people’s talents.
The exhibition was held by the ASD in Ewha project, which was initiated in August 2011. Organized by the Department of Special Education, the ASD in Ewha project has made efforts to support establishing and strengthening autistic people’s special talent through a number of educational courses and events.
Also, Autism Special Talents & Rehabilitation Corporation (AutiSTAR), an enterprise helping people with autism to create and sell their products, supervised the exhibition. AutiSTAR was founded by professor Lee So-hyun (Special Education) in August of this year with the purpose of rehabilitating the special talent of people with autism.
As people with autism have exceptional visual abilities, their ability to depict objects in detail was used to beautify everyday products through AutiSTAR and the ASD in Ewha project. AutiSTAR opened its Design School two times so far, assisting 20 autistic people to improve and use their artistic talents since May.
During the two courses, students learned to draw by using computer software instead of a pen and paper. The students were taught to use this method to produce higher resolution paintings, so that they can be printed on different products.
After graduating from the Design School, its attendees get to work as collaborative designers of AutiSTAR.
Not only the Design School, but the ASD in Ewha also held a Design Contest for people with autism from September to October this year. The art pieces were submitted to the contest, and some were selected to actually be applied product designs, which were exhibited.
“AutiSTAR will continue to hold various events such as the Design School and Design Contest in order to become a venue in which people with autism can develop their talent and career, and partake actively in the society,” Lee said.
Another exibition of designs made by people with autism will be held on Dec. 24 at the National Assembly.

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