Ewha holds Chinese Debate Contest
Ewha holds Chinese Debate Contest
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The Department of Chinese Language & Literature held its 1st Ewha Chinese Debate Contest. On Nov. 14. The preliminary rounds were held at the Humanities Building, followed by the finals on Nov. 23 at the Ewha-Shinsegae Building.
The contest was held to improve Ewha students’ Chinese speaking ability. Twenty students joined the contest in teams of two, with six teams entering finals. All six teams received awards on Nov. 23.
“During the first semester, my seminar professor informed me of the Chinese Debate Contest,” said Lyu Hyun-joo (Liberal Arts, 1), the winner of the first prize. “Both the students and the professors were inexperienced in the event and, for me, it felt like being a part of the foundation of the contest. Also, I became very close with Chinese foreign students and other fellow Korean students who are interested in learning Chinese.”
Professors from the department including two Koreans, professors Shim So-hee and Lee Ok-joo, and three Chinese professors, Xu Mei-ling, Liu Jing and Peng Jing, judged the contest.
The contestants were evaluated mainly on their selection of theme, structure and fluency, and expression.
The Office of Chinese Language and Literature plans to make the debate contest an annual event.

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