Ewha records 5th highest in Bar Exam passing rate
Ewha records 5th highest in Bar Exam passing rate
  • Ahn In-kyeong
  • 승인 2012.12.07 18:12
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Illustration by Kahng Sun-woo

A total of 30 Ewha students passed the 54th Bar Exam with the 5th largest pass rate of 7.7 percent, according to the Ministry of Justice’s announcement on Nov. 21.
A total of 506 people passed the exam according to the announced list. Among the number, Ewha students constituted 7.7 percent with 39 people: 21 of those who are current undergraduate students. Thirty-seven students were majoring in law, and the other two were non-law majors.
Seoul National University placed first with 109 students passing the exam, Korea University placed second with 82 students, Yonsei University placed third with 72, and Hanyang University placed fourth with 41 students.
The percentage of students passing the Bar Exam has been increasing with 6 percent in 2010, 6.5 percent in 2011, and 7.7 percent in 2012.
Cooperation of students, professors’ efforts, and the school’s support have worked together to produce such results.
“I am proud of the students for trying so hard and achieving such outstanding results, especially when the total number of people who passed the exam has decreased significantly,” said professor Park Kwi-cheon (Law), the advisor of the exam-preparing class.
So far, 621 Ewha students have  passed the bar exam.
Students who passed the exam showed their gratitudes to the exam-preparing class.
“I want to thank the class for providing meals, shuttle bus services, and at times meetings with those who have already passed the exam,” Choi Ji-hye (Law, 4) said. “I had a well-organized schedule that helped me to focus on my studies better.”
Currently, the Bar Exam preparation class is operating with approximately 150 students.

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