Wilson College, enrichment of my life
Wilson College, enrichment of my life
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Kim So-jung (second from left) poses with her “Friendly Family.” Photo provided by Kim So-jung.

Looking back, I was not fully satisfied with spending time at Wilson College while I was there. Unlike what I had expected, my life at Wilson was monotonous and I felt like I was being confined there. Before arriving there, I had heard Wilson is located near Washington D.C. and naturally expected myself to be involved in various activities and to live a dynamic life. However, having no available public transportation restricted my life. I wished to be in a big city, hoping to enjoy a dynamic and energetic life and eventually fulfill my “American Dream.”
However, I believe that spending one semester at Wilson has helped me enrich my life and it was one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had. In comparison to staying in a big city, Wilson has its own value. No one would have a unique and meaningful experience like I did unless he or she visits Wilson, which provides opportunities for one to understand the American culture.
With the “Friendly Family” program, a voluntary activity for international students, I was able to enrich my life at Wilson. After a family had been nominated as my “Friendly Family,” I contacted them. They frequently invited me over to their family events, brought me to a local market, invited me to a “potluck party,” and provided opportunities to visit historic sites related to the American Civil War and the Puritans. These experiences broadened my perspective and  knowledge about the American culture.
Also, my ESL (English as Second Language) professor, Laura enthusiastically taught Korean students about the American culture and how to write English better. Having a “consultation time,” time for feedbacks on my English writing was vital in improving my English writing skills. During the consulting session, I met a professor and received an immediate feedback. Even though all professors were friendly, Laura was most understanding especially to Korean students; I felt that she sincerely tried to communicate with us.
As international students, life at Wilson might be challenging. Without help, I could not have learned, experienced, or broadened my perspective. Through such a  valuable experience, I redefined the meaning and goal in life.
Staying in a small city, I was able to concentrate on my studies and on myself. Also, I was able to experience the beauty of nature in its most natural state.
A semester at Wilson gave me an opportunity not only to improve English skills but also to understand a meaningful life through experiencing the American culture.

* Kim So-jung (’11, Health Education) studied at Wilson College in the United States of America.

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