OIC concludes development of EUREKA System
OIC concludes development of EUREKA System
  • Hur Jin
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The opening ceremony of the EUREKA System is being held on Nov. 14. Photo provided by Office of Communications.

The Office of Information and Communications (OIC) held the opening ceremony welcoming the EUREKA (Ewha Womans University Research, Education, Knowledge Administration) System at the LG Convention Hall on Nov. 14. The novel system reorganized the former Intranet to enhance the work efficiency and to maximize services rendered to the Ewha members.
The system had been developed since January last year with the purpose of establishing a hub of global women education. After its one year and 10 months of development, the system was opened to the users on Oct. 29.
“The EUREKA System is a broad system that embraces all Ewha members in the fields of research, education, and administration,” said an official of the OIC, who wishes to remain anonymous. “The system was finalized with the opening of last part of the system, Knowledge Administration, on Nov. 12.”
The new system enables the users from multi-browsers such as, the Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, to access the school’s portal Web site. Moreover with the completion of the system, most of the administrational tasks are implemented based on the Web.
“The EUREKA Portal system that had been launched last October is different from this new system as it functions as a main gate for diverse interrelated sites that can be accessed through just a one-time login,” the official said. “On the other hand, the recently opened EUREKA is the reformed system of our former services provided in the Intranet with all the services that were once offered outside the portal Web site integrated as well.”
The OIC explains the prime modifications can be divided into three sections: Improvements in academic affairs, general administration, and research administration. Through the changes in students’ academic affairs system, students are able to utilize student course portfolios and to pay or receive refunds for their tuitions in real time. The changes made in students’ academic affairs will help students to lay out their courses more initiatively and facilitate the payment process of the school’s tuition fee.
Students welcome the reform of the Intranet as it became more convenient for them to use.
“Though it takes a bit longer for the screen to load than the old system did, I think the new system makes it much easier to use programs from school centers such as the Career Development Center,” Du Eun-na (Liberal Arts, 1) said.
The OIC encourages students and users to contact if they have any questions on how to use the system.
“We have prepared a separate Help Desk and set up a Q&A board on the portal system that specifically deals with questions on the new system,” the official said. “The OIC will stabilize the EUREKA System and prepare for the mobile service in the future.”

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