SWC simplifies space reservation process
SWC simplifies space reservation process
  • Ahn In-kyeong
  • 승인 2012.11.26 10:37
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The Student Welfare Center (SWC) announced its new policy of registration process of reserving classrooms or public spaces on campus on Oct. 29. The revised policy has been simplified as the step in which students were required to get approval from their academic advisors in the previous process has become unnecessary.
The main reason for the change is due to the continuously rising complaints of its inefficiency. At times, it took more than a week for the approval of the reservation with the the previous reservation policy.
“It took up a lot of time because academic advisors are not available full time, or the permission sheet could be delayed by some other reasons,” an official from the SWC, who wishes to stay anonymous said.
Originally, the reservation process required two stages of approval. After applying through the Intranet, students had to wait for the academic advisor to give approval.  Another approval from the manager of the building or the offices of each departments was also required.
Thus, the welfare center simplified the process with the opening of EUREKA (Ewha Womans University Research, Education, Knowledge Administration) Portal, the newly designed intranet system.
Now those who wish to reserve a place on campus should log in to EUREKA Portal to apply and wait for the office of the department or the building official for an approval.
“It was so hard for me to find a place for my tutoring group, since I did not know if I was going to be able to use the place nor which place that I will finally be allowed to use,” Kim Se-yeon (Business, 3), a tutor of finance for sophomores, said. “Now, however, I at least don’t get any stress from reserving the rooms.”

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