Know yourself before knowing others
Know yourself before knowing others
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  • 승인 2012.11.12 14:19
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Kim Yeon-jin
(Business, 1)

When sitting down in the corner of a cafe, I can hear a lot of things. Most conversations are about a thrid person who’s not there with us. By listening carefully, I can learn every small bit about that invisible third person. Pretty soon, I would know whether she is emotional or not. We analyze people around us and talk as if we know all about them. We, too, are talked about by our friends as if they’ve got a thick encyclopedia all about us. If you are so sure about your friends, and if your friends are so sure about you, let me throw you a question. How much do you know about yourself?
This question has been stuck in my head for a while. I also like to know about my friends and meeting new people. Perhaps, unconsciously, I might have enjoyed making some formulations about them as if it is logical. Then, I wondered what ridiculous formulations other people have made out of me. Suddenly, a shocking fact hit my head. How foolish was I to make conclusions about others when I did not even know myself? From then on, I started to list few things about myself. I tried to look at myself as objectively as I could. I am outgoing, confident, strong, energetic and passionate. However, I am a lot different person when I analyzed myself more deeply. I was more careful, sillier andmoody than I thought. I had whole different part of me that I didn’t even notice.
Our image to others is so different from who we really are, that it seems as if our characteristics change as they walk out the door. We have so many types of “me” that it’s difficult to decide which one is real. As a matter a fact, we don’t need to know the real one. However, it is important to distinguish “me” from “ideal-me” that lives inside my head.Thus, we should try to find true and pure “me” that might even have nasty personality hidden underneath. With all these cautions in mind and starting the conversation with “I am”, it is very likely to clarify what you really like. With more practices, sooner or later, you will be able to identify what you want in life with least regrets.
The objective perspective of us is the part we want toshow to others. However, it’s not “me”. In order to figure out what we want in our lives, we have to know who we really are first. Life is too short to even know who “I” am. Then, why spend so much time on deciding others’? Thus, before talking about a friend of yours or a person you met, how about introducing yourself? Not what your name is or where you are from, but perhaps about things that your heart beats for. Starting now, tell me about yourself.

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