EVC holds “One-day Camp for Korean and North Korean Student Defectors”
EVC holds “One-day Camp for Korean and North Korean Student Defectors”
  • Oh Seo-jin
  • 승인 2012.11.12 14:06
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The Ewha Volunteer Center (EVC) held a “One-Day Camp with North Korean Student Defectors” on Nov. 10. The event was held in order to provide both the student defectors, including those enrolled at Ewha, and South Korean Ewha students an opportunity to directly interact and ultimately build intimate relationships with one another.According to the EVC, the program distinguishes itself from other cultural events for North Korean defectors, which mainly emphasize competition, or those that deal with academic topics that are ideologically difficult. It instead allows students to experience a cultural entertainment event suitable for the students’ age group.“We want the program to create a community of our own in which students discover commonalities and understand each other’s cultural differences,” an official at the EVC said. “What we hope is for them to become true friends in the end.”A total of 60 students, comprising 30 South Korean Ewha students and 30 North Korean student defectors, some studying at Ewha, participated in the activities and missions while 11 other South Korean students assisted as staff members.Some of the quests were the following: “Find a specific location around Gyeongbokgung and memorize the genealogy of the kings of the Joseon Dynasty” and “Take a picture at Namsan and play a Korean traditional game of jegi (Korean shuttlecock) 30 times.”Teams that accomplished these missions the fastest were rewarded with prizes accordingly.

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