Ewha Note opens for students to evaluate lectures
Ewha Note opens for students to evaluate lectures
  • In So-young
  • 승인 2012.11.12 14:02
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Ewha Note is a student-organized Web site, providing a more informative course evaluation system. Photo captured from the Ewha Note Web site.

The Ewha Note, a course-evaluation system opened its Web site on Oct. 30 in an effort to provide Ewha students more concrete information and evaluation of courses. As an alternative to the current Ewha’s course evaluation system which does not enclose the lecturer and the course information to the public, an Ewha student has developed and launched the Ewha Note (http://www.ewhanote.com/). The Ewha Note is a community Web site that shares information about courses and started to gain popularity among Ewha students after its launching. The Ewha Note is an online service that runs on an user-based system where students can vote for course evaluations and click “Favorite” for interested courses. It is the first Web site to openly provide evaluation information and much data about courses. Therefore, it focuses on students participation, which builds up the reliable sources and eventually helps them choose suitable courses for themselves. “The idea of initiating such Web site struck me this summer vacation,” said Kim Sang-e (Clothing & Textiles, 4), the founder of the Ewha Note program. “I had courses that I thought would have been better if I had enrolled in other courses, along with several great courses that I regretted enrolling too late. I believed that it was not only me who felt this way, and thus wanted students to share their experience and make their campus lives better.” Kim opened the Web site with the help of her friend whom she met at the school venture club and Kim’s own effort in studying the technological skills she needed. Provided under an anonymous system to protect students’ privacy and personal information, students share their stories about what they have experienced and felt while taking courses. Students are also able to vote for their favorite courses and rank the lectures based on their votes. Based on three categories, “Assignment,” “Courses,” and “Exams and Grades,” students can vote for their preferences of courses and these set specifications become the basis of lecture evaluation system. “The Ewha Note system tried to complement the current course evaluation system Ewha provides,” Kim said. “Since the current system has limitations for students to thoroughly evaluate and to share information over courses freely, Ewha students are paying attention to the Ewha Note. I think that’s how, in such a short notice, the Ewha Note gained its popularity and attention among students.” Up to now, the Facebook page, which is currently the only official communication tool, received over 550 “Like”s only five days after opening and the numbers subscribing to the Web site is increasing significantly. “The Ewha Note is surely a helpful Web site for all Ewha students,” Lee Ina (Media Studies, 1) said. “It was interesting that the Ewha Note provides detailed stories about the courses such as what they learned and why they thought this course was the best and helped them think over about their career and so on. I heard a lot of my friends are using the Ewha Note to evaluate courses, too.” Meanwhile, concerns arose with the problem of securing personal ID and password related with Ewha portal Web site; however, Kim is using Amazon Web Services in order to both strengthen security and provide more convenience to Ewha students at the same time. She also plans to improve the Web site based on some feedback she received after the launching period. “The Ewha Note users are increasing day by day,” Kim said. “I think the strength of the Ewha Note Web site is rapidly spreading through word of mouth among Ewha students. To meet their expectations, the Ewha Note is planning to develop its database.”

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