ASD in Ewha holds design contest
ASD in Ewha holds design contest
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Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in Ewha, which is one of the Ewha Global Top 5 Projects, hosted a design contest for people with autism from Sept. 15 to Oct. 12. Designs were selected to be applied for products of Autism Special Talents & Rehabilitation Corporation (AutiSTAR).
ASD in Ewha, instructed by professor Lee So-hyun (Special Education), has the purpose of establishing and strengthening support for people suffering from autism through interdisciplinary approach in education since August 2011. The contest was supervised by AutiSTAR, a company founded with the base of the Ewha-SK Planet Talent and Rehabilitation (ESTAR) project, supervised the contest to be able to pick the designs that will be used in their products.
 “The contest was held because we’ve found many talented students in designs during the Summer Design School,” said An Yong-kyu, the director of AutiSTAR. “With the brilliant designs, we felt that we should share it with other people by opening design exhibitions and using the designs in our products.”
Winners will be announced on Oct. 19 and the awarding ceremony will be held in front of Arthouse MOMO at Ewha Campus Complex on Nov. 30.
“Creativity, adequacy and value as a design were criteria for the contest. Selected designs will then be displayed in an exhibition titled “Through lines, through colors with love,” said professor Lee. “We are planning to hold another exhibition at the National Assembly by the end of the year.”
AutiSTAR’s future plans are dedicated to support autistic people.
“Vitalize the Design School, recruit more students and let more people receive the merit of education are our plans for the future,” said An in light with professor Lee.

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