Ewha hosts Library E-Resources Expo
Ewha hosts Library E-Resources Expo
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Ewha Womans University Library held Library E-Resources Expo on the second floor main hall of the library on Oct. 9 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
According to the library, the expo was held in order to provide information on the electronic resources of the library to the students.
“Students are fully aware of the use of books and the ways to search what they want in paper-based materials,” said Yoon Jung-eun, a library staff. “However, even with the advanced technology today, they are not quite enlightened with the ways to use electronic resources in the library such as e-books and thesis databases.”
The Library E-Resources Expo first introduced how students could access and use the electronic resources of the library, such as scholar and thesis databases during the first session.
 The expo also prepared a raffle event to facilitate student participation. Students who participated in the expo collected stamps from booths at the Expo. The participants then submitted the tickets and received prizes through the random draw.
The Ewha Womans University Library hopes to help Ewha students in their academics and everyday lives by teaching the students how to utilize electronic materials.
“We hope this exhibition  helped students realize how they can utilize the library’s fast and accurate databases to increase their efficiency in school projects and personal researches in the future,” Yoon said.

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