Feeling “Mohome” at Mount Holyoke
Feeling “Mohome” at Mount Holyoke
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Lee Ju-yun (left) and her classmates pose on a field trip. Photo provided by Lee Ju-yun.

Thinking back at my times at Mount Holyoke feels like a dream I had last night. I cannot believe how time can fly so fast, and it is sad that I cannot remember every single moment in such a wonderful place. Last year at Mount Holyoke was not just a time for me to make strides in my field of study. I got a broader view towards the world and started to draw a bigger picture of my future. Being away from my normal life allowed me to look deeply into myself and completely change my personality.
I had a chance to achieve academic goals at Mount Holyoke. I saw Shakespeare’s plays in a perfect British accent. I took Psychology and Statistics classes which were beyond my  major. In addition, thanks to the “Five College Interchange,” I went to the University of Massachusetts, where I had lively discussions with other students. But these are not the only factors that made my experience at Mount Holyoke special.
Since over 26 percent of students in Mount Holyoke was international students, I really did not stand out among them. Such sense of freedom allowed me to start off new things which I never did before. I joined the school’s horseback riding team, though I had never ridden a horse before. I performed a fan dance and a K-pop dance in front of other fellow students to introduce Korean culture. I feel proud of myself because, in the past, I was not the kind of a girl who liked to try out new things or enjoyed other people’s attentions. Through these activities, I was able to make many wonderful new friends. Having such passionate and intelligent people as friends is perhaps the most wonderful gift I received from the program.
Mount Holyoke treated me just like any other seniors. I got all the benefits for the seniors. I participated in the commencement ceremony and got a certificate for English. I became a proud alumnus of Mount Holyoke. For me, Mount Holyoke became “Mohome,” a place where I feel comfort like a place I want and can go back.
Even though my time at Mount Holyoke is over, the things I gained at Mount Holyoke still have an impact on my life back in Korea. Mount Holyoke made me change into a different person who is better prepared to face challenges in my future. I am thankful to have had a chance to study at Mount Holyoke College. It was indeed a year well spent.

* Lee Ju-yun (English, 4) studied at Mount Holyoke College at the United States.

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