ESB opens fall special photo exhibition “THE MOMENT”
ESB opens fall special photo exhibition “THE MOMENT”
  • Hur Jin
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Students appreciate the photos of “THE MOMENT“ at the International Lounge of Ewha-Shinsegae Building, which opens till Oct. 31. Photo by Kahng Sun-woo.

The Ewha School of Business (ESB) International Office initiated its first fall special photo exhibition under the title of “THE MOMENT” at the International Lounge of Ewha-Shinsegae Building on Oct. 2.
The fall special photo exhibition was implemented by the ESB International Office as the students brought up the idea this semester.
“We hoped to encourage the use of the International Lounge gallery and motivate more students to participate in the ESB exchange programs by appreciating the exhibited photos,” said Chung Jee-yae, the General Manager of International Relations at ESB. “I also personally felt it was important for the school to internally support students with talent in photography and art by providing exhibition space for them.”
The photo exhibition was organized by the culture team members of Junior Honors Club, a type of leadership program established by the Office of Global Affairs, consisting of three business major students: Chung Hae-sun (Business, 3), Lee Yu-jin (Business, 3), and Han Song-yi (Business, 2).
The Junior Honors Club was especially coordinated this year to support the ESB students, the exchange students both coming to and going from the department. The club is divided into three divisions including Culture team, Activity team, and Global PR (Public Relations) team with a total of eight students involved.
The Junior Honors Club culture team participated in the whole process of launching the photo exhibition, from selecting the theme of the exhibition to negotiating prices for photographic printings and setting up the photos.
“We decided the title as a recommendation to students to look back upon the days they have spent and will spend at Ewha with a little more time,” Han Song-yi said.
The selected and exhibited photographs were gathered from the students who have recently come back from their exchange programs abroad.
Participants of the photo exhibition also showed their appreciation towards the event.
“I was grateful towards the ESB International Office for offering such an opportunity to exhibit my photos,” Kim Min-jeong (’12, Business) said. “By participating, I was motivated once more, to continue my hobby of photography even during my busy days.”
The ESB International Office further plans to continue the photo exhibitions with a larger target.
“For the next photo exhibition, we plan to enlarge the scope of participants to not only business majoring students, but also students from other departments interested in photography,” Chung said.
“We will also hold another exhibition in collaboration with the College of Art & Design in November.”

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