OFAA introduces Knowledge Frontier
OFAA introduces Knowledge Frontier
  • Ko Min-seok
  • 승인 2012.10.12 12:52
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The Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs (OFAA) has launched the Knowledge Frontier project starting this fall semester. To provide a learning environment between upperclassmen and underclassmen, the OFAA has come up with this new group study program.
“With a basis on the tutoring program provided by the Institute for Teaching & Learning, we arranged a new tutoring system specialized according to the major,” said Choi Yu-jin, the manager of Knowledge Frontier. “Knowledge Frontier was settled to provide additional educational support and encourage student cooperation within majors.”
Knowledge Frontier is a tutoring program assigned through major and subject. Underclassmen enrolled in a course of their major who seek help are partnered with an upperclassman tutor of the same major who has previously taken the course. Also, a senior from the same major recommended by the dean of the department is designated as a general tutor, who advises the tutoring sessions.
During group studies, tutors go through class materials and clarify the questions the tutees have.
All departments are taking part in the Knowledge Frontier program. Courses of each major, exluding those for seniors, with more than 40 students were selected to implement this program.
Despite the advantages of Knowledge Frontier, the program has not received much publicity due to the short notice. Tutee registration lasted only for three to four days after notification, thus resulting in a cancellation of services for several courses.
“The implementation of Knowledge Frontier was announced to each department at the start of the semester,” Choi said. “However, due to the overall agenda of each department, the program inevitably proceeded under a tight schedule.”
Depending on the outcome of its performance, Knowledge Frontier will decide whether or not to continue its sessions in the upcoming semesters.

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