SWC supports students’ activities
SWC supports students’ activities
  • Hur Jin & Ann In-kyung
  • 승인 2012.09.30 14:35
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The Student Welfare Center (SWC) is to launch “Majors, Departments and Student Unions Supporting Business” to encourage students to have various activities on campus starting from this fall semester. Activities carried out by student unions will be financially supported by the SWC. A presentation explaining the new business was held to promote awareness at the Ewha-POSCO Building on Sept.14.The business, which started on Sept. 15 of this year’s fall semester, aims to financially support the student councils of each college and department in promoting activities that will strengthen the student community. Individual student who is interested in organizing activities can also apply.“We hope all students can have a satisfying campus life and especially want freshmen and sophomores to easily adapt to school life through participation in school activities,” an official of the SWC said.The business includes extra-curricular activities organized by this fall semester’s student councils of each college and department.Students are also excited about the future options of various activities the new business offers.“I think this business will give the students more chances to participate in school activities as it may encourage more activities to be held on campus,” Ryu Min-ah (Business, 3) said. “I should really gather people who share my thoughts and utilize the support of the school to invite one of our favorite companies’ representatives.”The SWC plans to budget 200,000 won for each college or department. Depending on the activity, additional support of 100,000 won or a maximum of 300,000 won is available.The student councils of each college and major or individuals can apply until Oct. 19 by submitting the application form to Room 202 of the Student Union Building. The application form can be downloaded from the announcement page of school’s Web site (http://www.ewha.ac.kr/). The amount of money that will be provided and guidelines for the procedure will be notified once all applications have been received.

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