More support necessary for club activities
More support necessary for club activities
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Hwang Jee-won
(International Studies, 1)
It has only been a semester since I entered Ewha but it seems like forever since many changes have happened in my life this year. Being a college student has been great in many ways especially as a student in Ewha. Now I am able to study what I want and do various activities that I am interested in which has been my dream since I was in high school. One of the great experiences so far was getting involved in school club activities.
I was always interested in music, especially hip-hop, since I was in middle school. I loved strong hip-hop beats and bass. I loved writing lyrics to a song, too. I never had any chance to be involved in music related school club activity in high school, so I was glad that they had one in Ewha. I became a member in a hip-hop club in Ewha, RaonSoul. It has been a great experience ever since. I was able to learn more about hip-hop and interact with people with similar hobbies. I was also able to write songs and express myself and relieve my stress through those activities. Being able to do what I want has been great and it actually helped me get through tough times and hard college courses so far. 
I loved spending my pastime doing club activity but soon I realized there are some problems because of lack of support from the school.
Doing club activities and hobbies do need some financial support. Especially in my club we need some tools and instruments that are not that cheap. Music related programs or tools like recording micophones are hard to afford. Because of lack of support, most student organized clubs need to do some kind of fundraising to continue their activities. Fundraising works and clubs are able to afford some money to do their hobbies but it is never enough. Nowadays I always hope for my club to have more support, so that we won’t have to worry about activities and opportunity that we cannot afford.
I think it would be nice if our school showed some more support toward student clubs financially. A little more attention sure will help a lot. I think there are several reasons why Ewha has to show some more support toward student clubs. First of all, student clubs are mostly hobbies that student can do in their pastime. This will help student to relieve their stress from hard academic classes and loads of work. Relieving their stress will help students to concentrate more on their studies. There is no doubt that Ewha has to support things that can help students to grow academically because it is part of their job as a college. Second, student clubs can work as a great place to find inner talent. In high school especially in Korea, there is no time to start hobbies. Students are too busy studying to get into college. I was not an exception. I never had time to do anything much or pursue my interest other than study. Through club activities, students might find their new talent which cannot be found through academic classes.
Finding new abilities will help a student to be more of a well-rounded person which is a college’s goal: making students to be well-rounded before they enter society.
In conclusion, it would be great if the school gave more attention and showed some support financially to student organized club activities.

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