PepsiCo’s Umran Beba speaks at Ewha
PepsiCo’s Umran Beba speaks at Ewha
  • Park Se-ra
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Umran Beba is making an opening speech on empowering women’s rights at the Ewha-Shinsegae Building. Photo by Kahng Sun-woo.
Umran Beba, the president of PepsiCo’s Asia Pacific region, held a meeting with Ewha students at the International Lounge of Ewha-Shinsegae Building on Sep. 5. Under the theme of “Female Leaders of Next Generation and Strategies for Multinational Companies,” Beba made a thirty-minute speech and freely discussed with the students.
“Her intention to come and encourage the next ‘future female leaders’ despite her busy schedule was touching,” Lee Ji-won (Business, 3) said. “I hope the speech inspired students in becoming the next leading lady.”
The event was organized by the Ewha School of Business.
Umran Beba was appointed as president on 2010, and since then she has been in charge of PepsiCo’s food and beverage business in more than 20 countries within the Asia-Pacific region.
In 2010, the global edition of Fortune magazine named her 23rd on their list of the Most Powerful Women in Business. She led PepsiCo Turkey in becoming the “fastest female advancement” out of 121 companies analyzed in 2010.
Beba holds an MBA and a BSc in Industrail Engineering from Boğaziçi University in Turkey.

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