Ewha’s departments tops in university evaluation
Ewha’s departments tops in university evaluation
  • Chung Yoon-yung
  • 승인 2012.09.18 09:24
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On Sept. 3 and 4, respectively, the Department of Sociology  recieved top marks for two years in a row, and the Environmental Science & Engineering, Physics, and Mathematics departments were ranked high for the first time, according to the university evaluation of the JoongAng Ilbo.
The first press to evaluate universities, the JoongAngIlbo conducted its 19th university evaluation of 122 domestic universities and 17 of their departments.
All departments were evaluated in four categories: learning environment, research influence, financial support, and educational effects. The categories included nine criterias, such as the student-professor ratio, the number of published articles per professor, the amount of scholarship per student, and the employment rate of students.
The Department of Sociology  showed an increase in financial support for professors by more than two times from that of last year. The department also received good marks for its high rate of graduates’ employment balanced by a low rate of student suspension, which helped the department achieve its feat for the second time.
“The Department of Sociology will try its best to improve education for both students and professors so that we may rise not only to the top domestic level, but also the global standard as well,” professor Kim U-sic (Social Sciences) said.
Ewha was the number one university for the Environmental Science & Engineering, Physics, and Mathematics departments, the first time for a women’s university to be named the top.
“I am happy because we broke the stereotype that female students are less capable of studying physics than male students,” professor Kim Chan-ju (Physics) said.
The Nutritional Science & Food Management, History, and Statistics departments were also ranked comparatively high.
“The results Ewha received were calculated through a geometric means, which is a change that was made this year,”said Han You-kyung (Education), the Associate Vice President at the Office of University Planning & Coordination. “This signifies that the three natural sciences departments received top marks in generally all categories. Ewha will try to perform well in all categories to continue to receive good evaluations in the future.”

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