Creating style that fits your identity
Creating style that fits your identity
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Cho Carol
(Business, 2)

This past summer I am sure there is not anyone who has not heard about the song “Gangnam Style” at least once. Whether you’ve been walking down the streets, having a conversation with friends, or watching television, you would have inevitably ran into someone or something mentioning the song.
The song “Gangnam Style” is sung by Psy, which is about the lifestyles of people who live in the area of Gangnam. The music video of the song amusingly shows Psy doing his cowboy dance while performing unthought-of actions and movements. Most people just like the song and the music video because of its catchy tune and humorous visuals but I believe there’s a deeper meaning to the song itself.
Psy tells us that he has a style: Gangnam style to be exact. He shows us that he is not ashamed of this style that he follows and, more importantly, he shows that he is enjoying his style.
As we get ready to hit the books again this fall semester, we should not only use this time to polish up our resumes and specs but our personal styles as well.
College is an important time in anyone’s life. It is a time when we learn to be more independent and discover the responsibilities of freedom. It is also a time when we have our heads high in our studies, internships, part-time jobs, and club activities. We are usually so focused on getting the best grades and working on getting the best qualifications for future jobs that we end up missing out on some of the greatest experiences.
As we try to refine our cover letters and specs for the outside world, we end up losing a part of ourselves. Have you ever stood back for a moment from your busy life and thought about the kind of lifestyle you’re currently living? Is it really you? Do you really want to continue overworking yourself for more years to come? When was the last time you had an enjoyable time to yourself?
To put it simply, being workaholic students is clashing our own senses of style. As we struggle to keep up with expectations of society we taint our own styles.
We should take some time to experiment. Find out what we like to do, hate to do. Find our passions. Experience things from outside your comfort zone. Test to see where your limitations lie and overcome them. Try new things. Find out who you are. What your identity is. It’s not too late. Once you get a full-time job after graduation it will become even harder. The time is now, so create a style that suits you.
Work on designing yourself to your satisfaction. Now Psy’s “Gangnam Style” may not be the style for us, but let’s shape ourselves to what we find gratifying.

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