Complaints reported, registered and solved 6
Complaints reported, registered and solved 6
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Some issues still remain unsolved, calling for more attention

Despite many improvements Ewha has made for students, some remain untouched, or without significant improvement.
As reported twice in March and September 2011, Ewha’s official online Web site ( has long been criticized for its loose management and an insufficiency of information for international and exchange students.
Although the English version of the Ewha homepage serves as a vital source of information for international and exchange students, the “News & Notice” section of the Web site was not updated for about three months, failing to deliver crucial notices such as those related to tuition fees.
In contrast to the English homepage, the Korean Web site provides recently updated campus news, upcoming events and important notices for the Ewha community through its own independent “News & Notice” section.
The Office of Communications gives an explanation for the delay from March to June in updating the  English hompage.
“ As our office has been in a period of transition to improve our functioning in the Ewha community, we have focused on these improvements rather than frequent Web site updates,” an official of the Office of Communications said. “We plan to update it once a week from now on.”
In addition, although Ewha application’s “About Ewha” which delivers important notices has been updated, the project of creating a new Integrated Administration Information System that will allow access to the Intranet is not yet in process. As a result, students currently cannot view pages related to academics such as grades, team projects, or the board room on their smart phones.
“We do have plans to enlarge the service for accessing the Intranet through mobile devices,” an official of the Office of Information and Communications said. “However, there is no plan to develop Intranet access through the Ewha application.”

* Reporter: Hur Jin & In So-young & Oh Seo-jin

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