Reconstruction of Hak-gwan postponed and minor repairs to take place
Reconstruction of Hak-gwan postponed and minor repairs to take place
  • Ko Min-seok
  • 승인 2012.08.31 11:51
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In attempt to settle immediate needs, Ewha has made minor repairs both in and out the Hak-gwan building from July 25. Photo by Kahng Sun-woo.

Though originally scheduled for reconstruction this year, it seems Hak-gwan will have to wait its turn for refurbishment to take way. From what Ewha intended to construct and reconstruct by 2012, the International House II has been completed, the industrial-educational building broke ground, and Hak-gwan remains a task.
After the school’s comprehensive evaluation of 48 buildings on campus in 2010 and 2011, Hak-gwan received the lowest assessment. Thereafter, it was set aside as a subject for reconstruction, scheduled to start in 2012. However, it has been postponed with no clear date assigned.
Despite the fact that the reconstruction schedule has been postponed, the College of Liberal Arts offered a temporary solution.
“To settle the ongoing problems students and faculty experience, we met with student representatives and have come up with a plan to renovate and repair major inconveniences,” said professor Lee Jae-don (Chinese), the dean of the College of Liberal Arts.
Small scale repair works include the replacement of old-style toilets with closet-seat toilets, painting of both outer and inner walls, spread of nonslip tapes on ramps, removal of curtains and installation of window shades, and repair of broken windows.
Dean Lee also expressed pity toward the postponement of the Hak-gwan reconstruction.
“When aligning the order of priority for the construction and reconstruction of buildings, first comes the new dormitory building for foreign students and teachers, second is the industrial-educational building that went into construction in May, and then comes Hak-gwan,” Lee said. “It took a long time to receive a construction permit for the previous two buildings, which put a delay in the overall situation. As we are also unsure of when the reconstruction of Hak-gwan will be scheduled, we decided to bear the expenses and repair parts of the building.”
The small scale repair works which started from July 22 and lasted 28 days is nearly at its end. The interior repair has been finished in time for students to start class on Sept. 3, while the exterior paintings are still under work.
“Due to the weather and heavy rain throughout this summer, the exterior paintings have been delayed,” said Nam Seok-jin, head of the Facilities Maintenance. “We plan to finish all repair works by no later than Sept. 10.”

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