Ewha Eco Shop reaches net profit of 100 million won
Ewha Eco Shop reaches net profit of 100 million won
  • Lee Sang-ha
  • 승인 2012.08.31 11:44
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Ewha Eco Shop surpassed a net profit of 100 million won, just one year and two months after its open in May 2011. It has earned a profit of 116,392,280 won by Aug. 27. All the collected money will be returned to students and society in the form of scholarships and education funds.Ewha Eco Shop opened in celebration of the 125th anniversary of Ewha and to promote a spirit of sharing on campus. It raises funds by selling items donated by Ewha professors, graduates, students, and non faculty members.So far, an estimated 30,000 items, including ones that are being sold now, have been donated and 22,000 items have been sold. The shop also has already provided financial aid to students since April. “We offered the ‘Ewha Eco Shop Ombudsman Scholarship’ to 24 students in April as an emergency aid worth 35 million won, which was half the net profit that we had earned by February 2012,” said Park Ji-young, an official from the Office of University Relations & Development.According to the Ewha Eco Shop Management Committee’s decision, Ewha Eco Shop plans to utilize the net profit in two ways. “Fifty percent of the net profit will be used for the ‘Ewha Eco Shop Ombudsman Scholarship,’” Park said. “The other 50 percent will be spent on funds to support women’s education in Third World countries under the name of ‘Ewha Eco Shop’s Funds for Women’s Education.’”Ewha Eco Shop has also set another ambitious goal to earn as much as 100 million won by the end of this year. Like the past year, the shop will sustain its methods of operation of returning its profit to students and society through the two scholarship programs: ‘Ewha Eco Shop Ombudsman Scholarship’ and ‘Ewha Eco Shop’s Funds for Women’s Education’.“Although the total revenue is important, the symbolic meaning of the Ewha Eco Shop itself and the sharing spirit blooming in the store are also of much significance,” Park said. “We hope more Ewha members can share the invaluable experience of providing scholarships and education funds to students through donations, purchasing and volunteering.”

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