ITL launches Cultural Adaptation and College Adjustment program
ITL launches Cultural Adaptation and College Adjustment program
  • Ko Min-seok
  • 승인 2012.08.31 11:42
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Institute for Teaching & Learning (ITL) launched the Cultural Adaptation and College Adjustment Program (CACA Program) in August as a summer pre-session. Following the basic care program, the CACA tutoring program will run throughout fall semester.The CACA Program is a support and aid program for overseas Korean students and North Korean student defectors. In addition to supporting students academically and culturally, it also seeks to form a stable community among these students.“Overseas Korean students and North Korean student defectors face various problems with regards to school life, yet their hardships are rarely raised to the surface,” said Oh Yoon-jung, program manager of the ITL. “To bring these students out of the blind spot of support, we arranged this program.” After realizing that this new group of students does not fit into either wholly Korean students or wholly foreign students, the ITL decided to provide a helping hand.“So far, the school has only noticed and provided help for the clear and distinct student groups,” said Jo Il-Hyun, head of the ITL. “Overseas Korean students and North Korean student defectors may be of Korean inheritance, but they are more culturally distant than foreign students. These students are a unique increasing body in need of cross-cultural care.”The approaching CACA tutoring program will focus on providing one-on-one help in which tutees will be taught by Ewha students. The tutoring program will be designed differently and developed on what the tutee wishes to learn. The three fields of help offered are in academic care, language care, and cultural care.“The CACA tutoring program is not one in which a superior student teaches an inferior student,” Jo said. “The program seeks to build a community where students can learn from one another—especially through understanding one another’s cultural differences.”The CACA Program has only been carried out for one month, and the ITL wishes this first step can lead to further improvements.“The ITL wishes this semester’s program be a foundation for further support for these students,” Oh said. “Taking a step further, we wish this program can develop and contribute to bringing genuine communication and harmony within Ewha.”

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