Library ceiling collapses, raising concerns
Library ceiling collapses, raising concerns
  • Lee Ji-hyun
  • 승인 2012.08.31 11:42
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The ceiling of the fifth floor of Ewha Womans University Library collapsed on July 5, narrowly missing a student. The collapse was due to leakage from heavy rain.“It was life-threatening,” said the student, who wished to remain anonymous. “Rain coming in through the roof cracked the ceiling and brought it down with an enormous crash. I left the library as quickly as I could.”According to an official of Facilities Maintenance Department, weak, outdated gutter pipe in the library building was the main cause of the accident. The ceiling was repaired by July 13.“There was a small crack in the gutter pipe,” said one of the investigators from Facilities Maintenance.“When heavy rain fell, the crack got bigger, allowing excess water to bring down the library ceiling. This was the first time the ceiling was unable to withstand the weight of rain and collapsed. We are now checking for other weak gutter pipes that pose potential threats for students.”Last year’s university building evaluation gave the 28-year-old library a grade of “D” for its facilities, including the air conditioning system and the drainage system. The building was evaluated on an “A” to “E” scale, from “A” meaning satisfactory condition to “E” meaning immediate repair necessary.To forestall future damage to the building and potential accidents, the library plans to initiate discussions on reconstruction by the end of this year. The range and budget of the construction plan have not yet been specified, but it is expected to be determined during the upcoming winter break.

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