New regulations set to double-major or minor in Psychology
New regulations set to double-major or minor in Psychology
  • Ko Min-seok
  • 승인 2012.05.25 16:53
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From the following semester of 2012, students who wish to double-major or minor in Psychology must hold a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.0. Originally, there was no restriction on being approved.
The change was caused by students’ request. Students majoring in Psychology requested the school to either divide classes or provide an alternative solution to the increasing number of students planning to double-major or minor in Psychology.
“The College of Social Science asked the school for a limit in the GPA of new double-major and minor students in Psychology and Political Science & International Relations,” said Chu Su-bin (Psychology, 3), a student representative of Psychology major. “Psychology major students believed that our rights as major students were not guaranteed. Thus, we included this clause along with other requests.”
Taking the request into consideration, the school decided to adjust the application process of signing up for double-major or minor in this major.
“We reviewed the list of appeals students asked for and came up with this solution of putting a limit to applicants, which was the best solution at hand,” said Lee Seung-yeon, the head professor of the department of Psychology. “In addition to the 3.0 GPA restriction, the department has decided to open more classes from next semester so that students can take necessary classes.”
Students majoring in Psychology stand to welcome this new system as they will be able to take necessary classes without going through much trouble.
“Having too many students double-major and minor in Psychology, it was hard to take mandatory classes, and I had the feeling of being mistreated,” said a student who wishes to remain anonymous. “With the new regulation, major students might no longer need to go through all the fuss.”
With the new regulation and adjustments, the school hopes all students under the department of Psychology be able to study under an effective environment.
“Formerly, there were several students who were unprepared to take Psychology courses, but with the 3.0 GPA regulation, we look forward to welcoming students who are suitable and prepared to fully absorb the education materials,” Lee said.

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